Landscaping & Irrigation

Centre Plumbing Plus stocks a full range of top quality domestic irrigation products for the landscape gardener. From low density poly pipe to dripper pipe, sprinklers, controllers and a complete range of fittings, we have an extensive range of products for the irrigation professional.

We are pleased to support the Netafim brand. Netafim's extensive experience irrigating some of the worlds harshest regions lead them to develop highly advanced irrigation products to optimise every drop of water used in irrigation. Netafim water efficient driplines have been irrigating Australia and New Zealand's crops and gardens for over 25 years, saving millions of litres of water every year. Today, due to current water restrictions and the ever increasing cost of water, Netafim driplines are more relevant than ever for the irrigation of our crops, fields, parks and gardens.

We are also proud to be stockists of the PPI range of irrigation and micro irrigation products. PPI are an Australian company with many years experience in servicing all the irrigation markets.

Check out PPI’s handy Home Irrigation Designer and Home Irrigation Guide here.